Jewellery Care

While gold-filled jewellery is highly tarnish resistant, there are ways to ensure greater longevity of your pieces. For instance, try to avoid wearing your gold-filled jewellery in the ocean or swimming pools, as salt water and chlorine can cause it to lose its shine earlier on. When your gold-filled jewellery isn’t being worn, keep it in the little pouch provided or in a closed jewellery box and do your best not to mix it with other metals.

As for 925 sterling silver, a general rule of thumb is “dry silver is happy silver”. If you forget to take your jewellery off while you shower or swim, make sure to dry it properly afterwards. If your jewellery does lose its shine over time, polishing solutions are a good way to bring their shine back to life.

In cases where your jewellery gets dirty (e.g., when cleaning or baking a cake), use warm water to wash (no soap!) and a soft cloth to pat it dry.