About Ray


Hi! I’m Rayane, the one-woman-show behind Ray Makes Things.

I’m a Lebanese postdoctoral researcher in Psychology who moved to London in 2016 for my PhD. In April 2019, I received a two-week suspected cancer referral and was dragged back home for a biopsy. My sudden interest in jewellery making began while I awaited my biopsy results (which turned out negative!). Until that point in my life, academia was the sole career I ever wanted to pursue. Nevertheless, making and selling jewellery has brought happiness and meaning to my life in a way I still find hard to describe.

I was originally exposed to freshwater pearl jewellery through my mum - an artist and jeweller who used to run a social enterprise in Lebanon. Following in her footsteps, I am dedicated to fundraising for charities whose visions fit my morals. As such, I also use my platform as a means of fighting against any form of injustice - including those around mental health, gender, sexuality, race, and class privilege. Over the past two years, and with the support of the beautiful RMT community, I have managed to raise over £5,000 for 6 charities.

I owe my joy to every single person who has supported me over the past years and will never take the life I am now privileged to live for granted.

Thank you for being here.